Sept. 2019 Specials

This month get grounded with our Pure Forest Facial,
Black pine leg and foot treatment or Woodsy Pedicure.
Try them all or book individually.

Kabuki Purifying Forest Facial

Treat yourself from tip to toe with this elaborate facial. Experience bliss with a cooling volcanic foot scrub, Eucalyptus foot massage and stimulating scalp massage. Promote collagen production, reduce eye puffiness and intensely hydrate your skin with the Eminence pure forest collection. Featuring the Reishi mushroom, known as the "immortality" mushroom, snow mushrooms and birch water. Customized cleansers, detox, pro-aging serums for that famous Kabuki glow.
60 minutes

Black Pine Leg and Foot treatment

Relieve tired legs and feet with this earthy lower body treatment. We will expertly scrub the body from the hip to the toes with Eve Taylor black pine, twig leaf oil and poppyseed exfoliant. Relieve tension with a hot stone massage from the legs and feet. Pressure point massage with the Kansa wand for balancing energy and deep relaxation. This unique treatment is only available in September.

30 minutes

Woodsy Pedicure

Revive your feet and settle into the natural scents from our active ingredients derived from plants and  trees. Along with expert care for the nails, cuticles, and foot bottoms your feet will receive a purifying Eucalyptus Epsom salt soak, organic volcanic mint scrub and Eucalyptus genuine Nolitik Shea butter massage. The massage includes the Kansa wand, known for it's curative properties this domes shaped Ayurveda massage tool will energize and relax.

60 minutes

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