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Teen Skin Care Workshop

Join us for a fun, hands-on workshop that expertly educates young adults on the importance of self care and preventative skin care.

As a parent, you’ll see your child go through many changes as they age and mature. One of the most obvious will be the appearance of their skin. If you’re at a loss for how to tackle skin changes with your tween or teen, don’t fret. We are here to help!
We will show them, in a fun and interactive way, how to take care of their skin and minimize or prevent further skin issues.

You may also want to educate your child on the importance of truly organic and all natural skin care, the importance of diet on the skin, and the environmental impact of the skin care industry.

We are here to educate, inform and empower!

hands on walk through of ideal daily regime

  • easy to understand ingredient break down

  • explanation of why self care and skin care is important

  • what acne is and how to treat it

  • step by step guide to prevention

  • 15% off all featured products

  • take home service discounts & samples

Limited Spaces
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Only $5 - redeemable in product or service
For ages 13 - 17
*parents may attend for free but will not be taking place in the hands on portion

Oct. 10th 5pm-6pm
150 Locke St S.
Kabuki Spa & Skin Centre

This small event is limited to 10 people.
(Attending parents may need to stand - our spa is small but mighty:)