The Kabuki Facial Difference

Two common phrases we here after giving someone a facial for the first time are, “that’s the best facial I’ve ever had” and “I didn’t realize how much was involved!” and usually in the same breath. I realized it is time to let you all know why a Kabuki facial is so different from the other facials you have experienced in the world. And yes, we are lucky to have some world travellers who say our facials are bar none.

What is involved in your facial depends on the length of time you have booked at the spa. I am a huge fan of lists so below I will highlight each facial time and what is involved. Enjoy!

30 minutes facials (skin flash or mini facial)

Who is it for?

This facial is for someone who a) has a very specific concern they would like to treat, for example, lack of circulation, black heads or dryness and/or b) needs a quick “pick me up”” and/or c) can neither sit still for an hour nor spare the time for a full facial

What is involved?

All of our facials include an intake. We ask questions about your skin and what your main concern is. From this we pick products that meet you skin care goals. A thirty minute facial includes a deep cleanse, treatment mask, serums and treatment creams. The wonder of this small but mighty facial is the massage you get with the treatment mask (with the exception of black head removal) We use different Japanese, Korean, Swedish and Indian massage techniques to really drive that product into the skin and stimulate blood flow and the muscles underneath to lift the face and provide tension relief. During your treatment we will discuss your home care regime. After the treatment we will come up with the best plan of action to reach your skin care goals.

60 minute facial (or currently the Essential Facial)

Who is it for?

This facial is for everyone. Whether you have a specific concern, are interested in maintaining your skin and preventing aging or want to learn more about how to use healthy, natural skin care, the Essential has you covered.

What is involved?

Of course - we have the intake – a very important step – I would be weary of any spa that did not do this. Once we have the products needed, your one hour facial includes, cleanse, TWO types of exfoliation, detox, TWO treatment masks, serums, oils, eye cream and treatment cream. Throughout the facial you are massaged down both arms, down the spine, around the shoulder blade, on the top of the shoulders and the neck. You are given a deep Swedish style, pressure point and lymph drainage facial massage. We also massage and scratch the scalp. We NEVER leave the room for this facial. There is just too much to do! Why do we do so much upper body massage you may ask. Firstly, if you are carrying tension in the shoulder or neck it shows up on your face. Secondly, if you have tight muscles, energy and blood flow are hindered resulting in a less than fabulous glow on the face. We have to get in there and loosen everything up!

The muscles on your scalp need to be stimulated and lifted too. This will help decrease forehead lines. We scratch and stimulate the hair to give you a healthier scalp. We often forget that the scalp is part of our skin as well. Stimulating the scalp will help hydrate, preventing dandruff, but also give you beautiful healthy hair.

After your facial your skin therapist will give you detailed instructions on your home care. Do not forget this is the most important part of your facial. Without this knowledge you will not be able to reach your skin care goals.

90 minute facial (or Signature Facial)

Who is it for?

Everyone can benefit from this facial and in a perfect world we would all be able to do it on a regular basis. This facial is particularly great for mature or pre-maturely aged skins. For ages 20-30 I would aim to do this facial at least once a year.

What is involved?

Even writing about these facial gets me excited. We are very proud of them if I may be so bold.

The 90 minute facial consist of everything the 60 minute does but includes THREE treatment masks and our famous kibido, tanaka and Indian “Fire and Ice” facial massage technique and our signature “iron out” wrinkle technique. This massage will lift your face and make you come alive and maybe even change your life! Your third treatment mask will be chosen to either lift the skin, produce collagen or treat pigmentation. We gently lay gorgeous neroli floral water soaked gauze over your mask, place basalt stones over the eyes and hot stones against your shoulders and snuggle you up in blankets to let the mask soak in and you to meditate.

As with every facial, once your journey has ended, we will discuss your home care strategy.

Remember, you have your skin 24/7. We only get to see you now and then. So you need to take care of it at home.

The frequency of your facials depends on your concern, your time and your budget. But after reading this, don’t you wish you could come to Kabuki every day?

Kabuki Beautyalexis