Kabuki’s Innovative Switch from Paraffin to Organic Hot Oil

Some of you may have already been lucky enough to try Kabuki’s new Organic Hot Oil Manicure or Pedicure. The incredibly lucky ones have even had our delectable Hot Oil Hair and Scalp Treatment. One of Alexis’ New Year’s resolutions was to find more ways for the spa to be environmentally friendly. Your health and the health of Kabuki staff are of the upmost importance. This is why she got rid of paraffin.

Why is it innovative? Because Kabuki Spa is the first to do it in Hamilton and many more will follow suit.

What is paraffin?

According to Webster’s dictionary, paraffin is, “ a soft, waxy substance that is usually made from petroleum or coal and is used in candles and other products”

Many spas, including Kabuki previously, use paraffin as a manicure or pedicure treatment. Paraffin seals in moisture forcing it deeper into the skin and the heat of the wax relieves joint pain from arthritis. These are two very good things!

But why is paraffin not so great?

As mentioned, paraffin is a by-product of petroleum, a non-renewable resource. After it is scraped out of oil refineries, paraffin wax is usually bleached by adding dioxin, texturized with acrolyn (known carcinogen) and then mixed with animal based stearic acid to harden it so it can be transported and made into candles, paraffin dip used in spas, put into your cosmetics and to coat your fruits and vegetables to make them look shiny. Yes – you may be eating this!

According to a study done at South Carolina State University in 2009, the chemicals found in paraffin fumes are linked to cancer, and birth defects and respitory ailments such as asthma.

At a spa, paraffin is constantly heated, emitting these fumes into the atmosphere. When applied to hands and feet they are going up your nose.

For those of you trying to save money on candles or balking at the price of bees wax or soy candles, ask yourself, what is the health of myself and my family worth?

Paraffin at Kabuki had to go

At Kabuki, we are proud to say, we have replaced this nasty petroleum by-product with wonderful organic virgin coconut oil of the highest quality made without harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Coconut oil is healing with its ability to accelerate re-epithelialization, improve antioxidant enzyme activity, and stimulate higher collagen cross-linking within the tissue being repaired. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Coconut oil is anti-fungal – great for the feet!

Coconut oil is an anti-oxidant; it protects the skin from free radical damage. Free radicals are mainly responsible for premature aging, so we love this about this amazing oil!

Switching from paraffin wax to coconut oil has had some other positive affects at the spa. We can now recycle the plastic bags used in the treatment and we are no longer adding a non-biodegradable substance to landfill.

How we use Coconut Oil at Kabuki

Manicures and pedicures are not the only way for you to enjoy hot virgin coconut oil at the spa. You can add this amazing oil to your hands during a pedicure, facial, or body treatment. Not only is the oil massaged into the skin, electric booties or mittens are put on over top to keep it wonderfully warm. This gives you the same result as paraffin where essential moisture gets into the skin and muscle pain or arthritis is relieved, without all the horrible chemicals.

May I be so bold as to say, if you haven’t added the Hot Oil Hair and Scalp Treatment to your facial or body treatment you are really missing out. Not only does it repair a stressed out and dry scalp, it nourishes the hair making it shiny and strong. As an added bonus you get even more of our signature scalp massage. Need I say more?

Ask us about how you can enjoy a Hot Coconut Oil Treatment on your next visit.

You will be very happy that you did!


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