De-puff and Revitalize the Eyes DIY

At last April is here!  The beginning of Spring is a happy time for all.  But Mother Nature is not without her sense of humour.  Along with the promise of green grass and budding flowers comes allergies, later nights and a more active lifestyle.  And with all of that comes puffy, dry, tired eyes.Dryness, fine lines and puffiness in the eye area can interfere with how you look and feel about yourself.  Allergies are especially prevalent this time of year. It’s hard to enjoy the fresh breeze and smells of regeneration when your eyes feel itchy, swollen and just older than they’re supposed to! At Kabuki we are all about home care.  It’s the most important part of taking care of your skin and reaching your skin care goals.  And if revitalizing your eyes is on the list, we have DIY for you to try.

This massage helps alleviate puffy, dry, tired eyes.  Using excellent products with this massage will give you pro-aging benefits.  Don’t forget!  We are not about anti-aging.  We are all going to age.  Let’s just do it gracefully and with as little irritation as possible.


Why is at home massage so important? 

You are getting blood circulating, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the area, and, you are draining lymph and toxins that build up so easily within the eye area.

Steps for DIY De-puff and pro-aging eye massage

Young woman pushes with fingers on closed eyes. Isolated over white.

(I use Eminence organics eye products because I think they are the best.  You can use any products you choose.  Just remember to use products designed for the eye area as it is a sensitive area.  And don’t forget – what goes on goes on goes in – so use products that are free of chemicals or plastics, things our skin just doesn't need!

Step one

  • Cleanse the eye area with a gentle eye makeup remover. I love Eminence Organics makeup remover because it is all natural and oil free.  Gently sweep towards to temples in a sideways motion to remove any make up.  Even if you do not wear makeup you should still cleanse the eye area.  I think you will be surprised by the dirt you see on your cotton pad!
  • Tap - wakeup those sluggish skin cells and draw blood to the surface of your skin using light, quick tapping with the tips of your fingers. I like to use the Neroli eye serum for this.  It absorbs quickly and has many pro aging properties.
  • Lymph Drainage – for this I use Cucumber eye gel. It decreases puffiness and is also soothing.  If you suffer from allergies this is a great product for you! Apply the gel and then pulsate on the upper lid just above the actual eye ball starting at the inner eye draining towards your temples.  Do this at least three times.   Next, drain under the eyes, as close to the eye as you can without causing sensitivity.  Again, pulsating and moving the fluid to your temples.
  • Give your skin some love – this is the massage portion. I use Wild Plum eye cream. Using firm, even pressure slowly sweep your fingers along your forehead, around eyes (think sweeping out to the temples using you ocular bone as a guide), under the cheekbones draining blood and congestion from your face and sinuses down the sides of the neck and finally to the thoracic duct moving toxins through the lymphatic system and eventually out of the body.  If you have enough slip do not be afraid to stimulate the muscles around the eye area.  Skin droops not only from loss of elasticity but also because of sagging muscles.

You're all done!  Doing this routine every morning will make your eyes brighter and less puffy.


Check out Alexis’ YouTube video for a demo! Need more help?  Leave it to the pros!  Book a facial or skin flash with me or another Kabuki Skin Therapist to learn how to take care of your skin.  We have an amazing Bright Eyes Treatments that include an eye exfoliate, which is really awesome considering it is so hard to exfoliate that area.  We will get you on your way to a less puffy, bright eye area!

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